Taxation - Individuals

Are you obtaining the best tax outcomes available? Have you ever wondered if you are paying too much tax? If you're preparing your own income tax (and provisional tax) returns, you may be right! At G D Maris and Company, we can assist you to ensure that you only pay the correct tax due for your own particular circumstances. If errors are made by the authorities, it is often a cumbersome and frustrating process to put matters right - but with our assistance, we can help to ensure that the best possible result is achieved. We will calculate and inform you of the expected tax for you to pay, after taking into account all of the deductions available to you from information that you provide. We firmly believe that every taxpayer has the right to structure his/her affairs in order to avoid tax, but not to evade it - that's why we'll help you to stay strictly in compliance with the South African tax authorities while achieving the best possible tax result for you.